Partnership-based Research & Development


POF Foundation carries out research and development projects only when local communities work closely together with us in the design, planning, execution and evaluation of projects. We build on a partnership-based research and development model where practitioners, researchers and communities go through a social learning process that considers the ethics, equality, accountability and time sensitivity of the communities.

In POF we execute research and development projects with the utmost respect for local communities. The point of departure of each POF project is the community’s perspective about their own development. Each project goes through a cycle of learning together, adapting together and empowering together. The right approach will provide an open, free and flexible environment in which both community and POF team will thrive.


POF Foundation programs follow a cycle that includes three steps:

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  1. Each program starts with a thorough understanding of the system in which the communities and POF staff operate.

  2. We research the perspectives of the local community, researchers and other parties in the system, which gives us an idea of the interests, goals and potential conflicts. Our research solicits holistic, innovative and out-of-the-box thinking to find opportunities and solutions together with the local communities so they can keep building a sustainable path towards development.

  3. In addition to POF’s internal evaluation, all projects are evaluated by the community in a process developed by themselves with their own criteria.