Summer 2019 Training


Local communities have their own perspective about development and this inevitably tends to conflict with the perspective of organizations responsible for initiating and implementing development projects.  For practitioners and researchers who work with local communities it is essential to have the knowledge and skills to identify, analyze and resolve conflicts using innovative ways to align the perspectives of local communities and the organizations responsible for development programs. 

This experimental-skills building course seeks to strengthen participants’ competencies in the range of skills needed to research this conflict in development. Based on experimental learning, participants can will have the opportunity to discover and learn while working with real-life communities near the province of Loja in southern Ecuador. The training is specifically designed for early career researchers, practitioners and university students in the fields related to conflict or development.  


How the course is taught

The training is taught by for by professionals with academic background in conflict resolution and more than 10 years of practice with community development and conflict in Latin America.

The participants will be introduced to the Loja community and have an opportunity to actively experiment in order to engage with key concepts in a participatory and ethical way. Throughout the course, participants will be faced with the challenges and dilemmas researchers have when studying communities in development and will be introduced to principles and solutions using a wide range of participatory research tools including the Sustainable Livelihood Framework, Sondeo assessment technique, Social polygraphy and the View analysis. Each of these tools are introduced and applied to detect and analyze conflict in development. 

The language of instruction will be English, although Spanish will be spoken when working with the community, with translation provided. 

The course overview can be found here


Participants will reside for 7 days in a beautiful hacienda near Loja and have the opportunity to enjoy the purity of the region and calm lifestyle of the inhabitants, known for reaching the age of 100 and above.


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